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The Voice of the Lord Symphonic, the Voice of the Lord Tympanic


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Dec 28, 2023
A treasure that renders power to the inhabitants of the white mountain-top, as though by His own Right hand
All the mighty ones cry out Magnificent, cedars submit their robustness to the putting together of the temple, the cypress their branches and Olive trees their beauty.
Desolation trembles to the letting go of its name, at the place of His feet silver together with the molten images plated with gold melt while kingdoms depart

This is the thunder upon the great waters, the flashes of lightning, the devouring fire.His throne is set over it all and at His speech-Giver of all life, the calf leaps
forests will not hold back their green leaves
It is the unyielding and impenetrable strength of His people even His own peace
Gloriously is His unseen descending blow of His arm to the great country lying along the third river that flows out of Eden

And at the moment our eyes constantly behold our Teacher. Our ears hear a word behind us, saying this is the way; walk in it, when we turn to the right hand and when we turn to the left
He's become the luxuriant fruit tree, A satisfaction that causes us to cast forth our roots and also grow as the lily
The fragrance under This shadow is like the dew upon the upright and wherefore the sevenfold light of the sun.

For generations, also comprehended as the trumpet, a thunder,dropping angel wings,marching army,symphony, sound of many waters; now in plain talk we behold the similitude of Him, herein our lifting, what a quickening!!

See, this is the wine of Lebanon, also the glory of the sanctuary