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Spectacular thoughts


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Dec 28, 2023
Even at a distance, I remain an open book to You

That my petition be brought to your attention and my heart be ravished at one glance of your eyes

Master, you'll not brush aside but rather regard my offering as gratifying to your sight.

We'll not be found cursing the king lest the winged creature tells the matter; your powerful tools to tear down all such as these

Only He who is able perceive Your thoughts will cause us to dwell on them

That we'll steadily heed to the preservation even of the flora and fauna, all creation be given an expected end

That the evidence of your deep unsearchable things be cherished for by the same we have been made a perfect piece of artwork that matches its purpose

Futile is our labor if it'll only tend to our households

Be honoured by our alms, even during our assemblies

Hevel, a complete opposite of his brother, caught your attention, teach us, counsel us with your eye upon us, cause us to remember your Word that we'll consequently behold the beauty and loving Spirit from whence you have put all this together, man in essence- each one

Then, as in a mirror, our faces to reflect your face

Our minds to yield as raw material for restorations

In Your own handwriting we are a distinct communication delivered to our world,

Peace, lines have fallen onto us in pleasant places

In you we revere your daily food for us, contemplate your pure love and grace, and fix our minds on these things

Our own thoughts are otherwise mere breath...

East and West Africa, the World be fit in the structure of You