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"My Heart" sings


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Dec 28, 2023
"My heart" sings

It's this direct cognition of a grace that bears no regard for pedigree; will it not surpass natural apprehension?
Upon a just invitation, I was carried by my feet into His dwelling, and as mist settles on a sleeping hill only to quietly leave in the later hours, that vanity dissipated, yoke lifted; leaping became ineludible
It's ever delightful for a young groom who's just married his virgin bride, my builder could not take His eyes off me
Songs to and over me, i was fit to be the smile that He wore from day-dawn to dusk; spreading aura of adulation
Heaven didn't break off from celebrating,creation rejoiced continually as if finding lacuna or being awarded a grail

Who ever tutored me into commanding the King's attention except Himself, the heavenlies at my beck and call, lavishing on me, with a single taste of this wine i'd been enraptured to the well of water that never runs dry

So now restless in bed and sleepless through the night, I long for my lover. I want him desperately. His absence is not just painful but death. In my thoughts, in my dreams I'll wait, for mine midnight rendezvous
I'll aspire into the city, the streets are so confusing to a country girl nonetheless I'll seek Him there
From the high tower, a report will be conveyed to my King that I'd been cast about for Him and like the stately pillars of smoke perfumed with myrrh, amidst armies, He whirls towards me. He's made Himself a carriage in which He's conveyed in plenitude, affluence

Throwing my arms around Him, I'll hold him tight and not let Him go until I have Him safe at home beside the fire.
"I will not in any way leave you without support, I will not relax My hold on you, you're in good hands".
All odds were stuck up against me when i perceived of a place, a grace that unveiled itself.

And as such, He was here all the time