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drenched in a "chastisement of love"


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Dec 28, 2023
It might seem as though you can't forgo should you go for a man, one could easily deduce that you're not God; laying all your vulnerability on the line just to lure one in, it's too good that you'll endure to show him the signs and wonders and yet, inhabitant of the earth, unashamedly uses that God-given intellect to ask, "what doest thou?"

You assemble a king as a vessel, get him to yield so your anger pacifies, you then flip his dark secrets into light. At any price, good shepherd, you'll draw him from the masses and the meat into your secret place.
As light rain upon the tender grass, constantly and intricately, you tenderly cover him with wet heavenly dew, feed him on pasture up until he grows to blossom like the lillies with all his roots cast in the knowledge of you and into the realization of his stewardship for you're perfect

Your choice of seclusion for him is that he evidently learns from the beasts and the herbs...dining with the King of kings, he shares his intimate ideas and fondness until his doctrine is brought into subjection to the truth
Your countenance now; his only bunker and pattern

Not being left to perish in the ignorance and arrogance of it's robustness, rather, this tree is chopped down, lopped off its branches, stripped its leaves, scattered its fruit and made sure there's zero comprehension of it's concept, bringing it to an end; and now having attained his entire attention, you teach him anew, bringing him face to face with his own sweet salvation
Bless the most High, His kingdom stands admiringly purposeful and determined through all times

The King's wrath is as terrifying as the roaring of a lion, but his favor is as refreshing as dew upon the grass.

All you ever needed was to be domiciled in His presence
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