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your Healing Art of Reflection & Perfection


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Dec 28, 2023
And there's one more member of the family, a peculiar one of the string family
Unlike the four, mine are forty-seven strings each running at angle of the sound board giving off different frequencies and notes
With his very fingers, tension is increased on my collection of frequencies as he pedals my feet one at a time to switch into divers pitches
Sitting still in quietness I observe his ways, imitate after him, watch my strings become thinner and lighter and yet per tempo my vibrations transmute into rapid, enough to create higher notes
My fine angle of incidence, a soothing melody
Mine resonator, mine reflective surface, my ability to contribute both the melodic beautiful sound and rhythmic role
Oh, so now as a sound of elegance, I have caught on as a sweet smelling aroma

The material of my strings is one that gives off distinctive notes of ease and flawlessness,the semblance of my inner glory
Come on all yea children, come to the sea of galilee, home is where you belong

Awake you sleapyhead sun, your body is under the chin of your skillfull plucker, you'll now sound like the many waters
and give flair to the entire piece of orchestra, even a solo


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