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With Unveiled Face


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Dec 28, 2023
By right of His invitation, most beautiful of all women , I'll run to my lover

I'll muse away, relish in the tracks left behind by the odor of his fragrance, He'll let me lay my head quietly on His left hand under His embrace, I'll return to happiness, I'll be strengthened

"I've been chasing after you whole day", he says, come now, it is mind-blowing what i want to share with you my love

Hussshh....He bursts out to bloom over my sores and all that's left is the beautiful landscape of yellow hues, orange, red and brown; the plain of Sharon at its excellency

The bulbs open up in purity and modesty, on and on he continues to bloom in my deep and difficult places giving them a green fragrance with fresh and sweet notes

His sweet smelling perfume has pervaded every area of my life

The raw beauty and radiance in his eyes feast on me as it were His own adorable reflection,

My heart is enchanted, mine lover is mine and i am His

I'll remember the wine no more

Alittle bittersweetly emotions though, it took me all this while just before I figured He was here all along.


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