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What do you do when you're haunted by the memories of sin

What do you do when you're haunted and affected by the memories of something's you did in the past?
I need answers.
One needs to first understand and believe that there's a process attached to the solution.

The determination to get past such memories is vital. It may attimes seem as though it's not working, so we add consistency.

The process is basically the "renewal of the mind" which requires one to forget what they already know.

Technology has an acronym, "GIGO" Garbage in, Garbage out.
Identify the triggers of the haunting memories and avoid these when you can
This way you're forgetting by getting rid of the old imprints on that part of the brain that's responsible for memory

This, however, should be replaced (in this case) with love and the truth. This could mean the love of God that's unconditional, love from people who do not criticize you, learning to love yourself more

Accept those mistakes and quit running away from them, choose to learn from them rather than having them ruin your present.

But again, it's a gradual process, one that definitely yields results in the long run.

This is a summary of various lessons but I hope it suffices