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The Vindication


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Dec 28, 2023
On this very mountain top, the cheer of their loose metallic disks, will not go silent

There, an outburst of animation

Muzzles have forgotten their complaints and tickers their despair

Lift up your eyes, a thrashing in the depth of serene mighty waters

None of it escaped His piercing eye, His right hand, Man of war

The leaping rams are streaked and speckled

Presently, the ardent flames of fire in their eyes, the endearment

An accurate and genuine registration of inexperienced identities

A tangible existence of what has forever existed, their pure inheritance

Likened to lead, the horse, the horseman and his chariots have been summoned, these lie covered in the heart of the sea, clad in mail

A talent of pure of gold, tested by fire has put out his flames

The very road to liberation, a drenched one for the pursuers

Snuffed off, the anguish of the wilderness, let slip, the mourning of the desert

His Glory put to display


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