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Swamp- the untold story


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Dec 28, 2023
Yours is rather a pityful story, oh marshes!

You've been left to the company of frailty and frustration

Sluggishness over shallowness was your sure damnation

Fear, right!! the deep waters have never worked against you and yet you abandoned the fishes for the shrubs

Time watched you dissociate from your true place of origin, your profit and unreservedly yielded to trading

The outlanders that you try to sustain will not hesitate to suck the life out of you even beyond recognition

Water to waterlogged, lifeless

Look, the terrains are invariably glad to see the back of you whereas you can stay on the side and help absorb impurities from the main bodies.

An inconvenience, a wasteland if peradventure you get lucky with the topography

Greater work is your heritage nonetheless blame it on your peacock strutting hands and eyes

Streams of refreshment constantly flow from the south to entertain the dead sea and yet you remain unchanged

The heavy rains are no intervention

Zebulun, it's inspiring how you don't despair, how you've preserved knowledge for generations

Your relentless dedication to contend with advancement

You're meant to prosper in your expeditions abroad, warrior. Yours is the abundance of the seas, the treasures hid in the sand

Well, you're not without hope