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Dec 28, 2023
Gratitude is all that I bear, give me room to bless you
Go over my heart and from the depths I'm much obliged
For the reconciliation of your breath in my nostrils to a life out of my belly
For your edict, good preceptor, my moral compass
At daybreak my eyes open up to your face's dazzles
For each harp, for each golden vial in this tent
For my life, the sweetest incense that rises up The throne
For the charms, for the emeralds
For the one highest language so we could reason jointly
For the fortification of this city so i could calmly adore
Before the foundations, through the exodus to revelation
This sacred mystery of creation, I carry the expression
For the prestige due to the fire out of our intense affinity
My cherished awe, that I may share your lens
Novelty of my nerves, warm melody, rhythm of the ears
Bestow on me sweet nothings as my everything
My lips reiterate, over and again dear soul, get soaked up
Be drunk till He alone is your subliminal
He is still the one that gives the grace to receive with reckless abandon
In the deepest darkness, I look closely through my very own mirror, and as a reflection, You are unfailingly there
Whispers of goodness, let's explore Your sense of humour
You definitely and longingly wait, so, I wait on you
Taking my right hand, I prevail, I got this, You got me
As the glisten in a lovely heart, I'm Your winsome smile
Study my hands and feet, all is well my perfector
The words of your lips send me to ease
Aided, I'll not dash my foot against a stone, wisdom exults in my direction, right in the footsteps of favor, goodness and mercy pursue me

Let it burn, even in my bones, this passion
And when you are done with me, do again
When I have just had enough yet, You will, You already do
In the end, You receive me in glory