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Oriented divergently


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Dec 28, 2023
A wanderer, as registered by the simple.
Sprouts upon sprouts, he is boundless- oblivious of limitations
He propagates from the mainland to the island
What defines his circumstances!? His sound is heard by all
It goes without saying that he that observes the wind shall not sow
All elements avail themselves as mediums; none can claim to know him
Over all obstacles, he leaps like a deer. In observing not the lying vanities, he quietly and blindly glides, a counsel such as that is of a corrupted origin
His vision has been precedented by the sacred life within, he has given his credence to the ancient precepts, he draws from the deep waters, the heights of his insight
reflect on what has been engraved on his heart
He is not subject to matter, no measure of exertion can ever hold him down, it has been brought to nought.

He is not one without assignment for the redemption of creation at the exhibition of virtue is imminent.