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Dec 28, 2023
Ascendacy, control, seen and unseen, heaven and earth all in Him, for Him, moreover by His service and intervention

An elementary unit of a thrilled electromagnetic field traveling at the speed of light in and out of time, in and outside space, the sizeable evidence

A narrow focus on the essence to the comprehensive makeup of the core raw material tells of this correctness

Celestial, earthbound, defined and undefined; whereever, this is the profound experience and existance of all

Talk about the nucleus therein, the healing water, the disctinction in sound and in sounds, felt in the whistles of an early bird's song, in the motion of the leaf that's reluctantly falling off her parent branch

The exuberance of life, the cool in a breeze

Turn around dimmed eyes, turn on your lucent spakle, this is the illumination that gives understanding, enough to visualize past the total eclipse of your heart

Right here, my very own reflection in the mirror afore the radiance in mine serene eyes, a refraction through density of a flood,and in the night a shadow for the inhabitants

Close in, the tumbleweed before a storm speaks of this assurance of those who love and partner with Him in their labor. Bringing all things to fit into their good plan, design and purpose is His enterprise

That's the force that organizes and prevents an electrical repulsion of protons from blowing the nucleus apart

The Head of His body, the Beginning in the beginning, the Lead of the resurrection parade, Beginning of the end

Watch as He towers far above all that's ever existed,haha

His Preeminence
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