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Dec 28, 2023
One by one they fade away, the old rugged imprinted fibs
Like vapor in the wind, they leave the heart of hearts, the depth of soul
Upon His breath, they drop out of sight
Mercy says; I'll remember them no more .

The beginning of the good work has been declared. Creation of the new wine skin, it is banquet time
Apples make up the tablecloth over one surrounded by innumerable witnesses

The royal diadem in the hand of my King, His eyes feast on me and they, they'll never fathom that
Artist to canvas, love is His only raw material....and passion, His color; detail upon detail, it is likened to the weaving of a mesmerizing tapestry of wisdom, it is in the pleasure He portrays, it is in the savor of His paintbrushes

With my own gaze fixed upon His magnificent and yet calm countenance i behold my reflection and yea, my very perfection, oh! the irrestitable Spirit of an artist

Exactly how i glow, partaking of the purity which is the energy that form His thoughts for me
The air, the wind, the waters, the sand, the sunset, the quietness stand to attest to this monumentous occasion. On and on the skies proclaim the work of His Hands
It's in His heart to beautify, Fire is His signature
Goodness says; I never deserved this