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Love Ineffable..


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Dec 28, 2023
I'm persuaded that man may never come to the full comprehension of the depth, the height, and the breadeth with which he's been loved

God has loved us and He JUST did....

The complexity of this simplicity always gets us into trying to earn His love

Yielding being the only prerequisite to this tangibly undeniable love

A Potter who gives the crown of His creation an intellect.

Intricately, He's laid electron upon the other, shut up His finest-bubbly touch in each fibre of our beings

It is observed in the gregarious colony of the white Ibises flying backhome at sunset, in an oscillating water droplet whose wetting line elongates sharp enough to make it split from its mother ...

Breath of all life will heed even to the slightest attention available.

Maybe or just maybe, we easily talk about His love because we can not apprehend even the slightest measure of it

He, having to deal with the transactions that come off as a reciprocate;

Creator of heaven and earth, one who lives beyond the realm of time, one who has declared the end from the beginning, yea, who can bear His heart's desires, who can share His heartbreak

My own head and heart came to near explosion the last time that i tried to comprehend such a depth

Semantics can only describe enough, Pragmatics have forsaken me on this one

What is love truly!?