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Dec 28, 2023
Leonardo da Vinci on 'Mona Lisa', Michaelangelo on 'Pieta',

Michael Jackson , Martha Argerich, Frank Gehry, Fredrick Law Olmsted, Coco Chanel

Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, or Emily Dickinson...

Bits of youself being alloted to each and so is the exhibition of your vivid awesomeness. For aeons, in all kinds of perfect quality of designs when you breath upon us wisdom and ability, understanding and intelligence, and knowledge

Sound of harpists and minstrels and flute players and trumpeters, skill in any work of gold, silver, bronze and iron and of the embroiderer

In the carpenter who stretches out a line, marks with a pencil; fashions with planes and marks out with the compasses to make shapes

" The meanest insect that flutters in the warm sunlight is a grander thing than the proudest marbel statue ever chiselled by the proudest sculptor" Joseph Parker.

Your glory tours in the skies, your craft has been on display across the horizon spread out with raw exquisite,

Meadow's dawn that brings a sunlight crown, dusk that makes continuous soft whispers of hope

Fingermarks voice all distinction, each of the twelve gates has been built on one separate solid pearl. Floods have lifted the roaring of their waves nonetheless, in surrender

Zenith; How beautiful are your feet in sandals, O queenly maiden! Your rounded limbs are like jeweled chains.

"Beauty" and "Holy" mark Your palace rule, to the very end of time.

Meet the Master of artisans, Hail the Master hand
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