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Journey to the Beginning.


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May 31, 2022
I had a spiritual experience about the origin of our planet.

I was reading Micho Kowichi's book talking about the origin of creation.

And then I had a summoning to stretch out my hands. When I did, I saw a vision..it began with a sight of the sun, and when I looked intently, I was taken to an earlier version of our planet before our current history. There were civilisations before Adam, (if we choose that He existed).

I saw a great civilisation. I saw, in the place called Aztecs of the Mexican civilisation existed Giants. I saw one on top of the pyramids there. Perhaps, giants built the pyramids. Who knows?

Then I saw in another vision a global cataclysm. It was like the explosion of the sun. A great explosion that destroyed the planet.

I was told to seek the water. The water has been here since the beginning of time. Even bible confirms it.


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