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I now recall...


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Dec 28, 2023
...that you remarkably delight in my being so you smile and I uncover my purpose. Your sharp and piercing eyes are firely, laser-focused on me. It's a look without peripheral vision but rather with brimming meaning. I captured your heart, you're continuously capturing my attention. Undistractedly, I remain Your focal point for Your profound intelligence identifies me with innocence and purity. Created for love, this is what I get, peace

Just look, look at me, retain your gaze on me; the mutters of you reassuring me, that's the breath of Your voice mine Shepherd, Energy and Newness of life

There's a blue cord upon each fringe on the borders of my garment so I'll not go spying with my heart or eyes Your glory is transcendent conveying the depths of your understanding and love for me

A keen eye on the cattles upon a thousand hills, watches me, still, Your keen eye on the waters has me covered,still, Your eye of safekeeping.

You watched my enemies leave me like a signal on a hill, You earnestly waited, looking and longing to be gracious to me so you lifted yourself up that you may show loving-kindness to me

I tell of Him who's dear to my heart. His face reflects all visible rays as the lightsource. My Head, Precious ointment runs down Your locks to my whole body, a daily prescription for me. You've given me the power of attorney to Identify with You

Sweet fragrance is the wind that sets the pulse in my heart to pump light into the deep parts of my set up

I'll always prevail as the best work of my sculptor, He throws good impressions with untarnished hands

A nature seen in the strong and deep-rooted mountains, aromatic wood, and stone

His speech is composed of beauty, it's honey dripping from His lips a kind that resuscitates the dead

With my feet grounded and hand held, I'll remain Face-to-face with my Head


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