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I know what you did last night..


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Dec 28, 2023
Night- time rejoices upon its turn...

The dead of the night waits in anticipation to commune with you

Then, like the wind, the sound of your breath, your life giving breath is more tangible than can just be inhaled

Silent night, a trail of fresh wet vapor, hovers over all the pastures, healing and strength is their daily benefit;

These hold onto its refreshment, they'll not let go

Brilliant blossoming petals know how to receive,

Bowing in adoration they continue to bloom.

With her arms spread out, merry child runs through the fields, a free bird, she's fond of the full pleasure

Another chance to serve

The land is satisfied with the fruit of His work.

His praises cover the blue

Far from the last sunset, all are dressed up in happiness and humor, His own countenance

The dead brought anew

dew their blanket; leaves rejuvenated, roots refreshened, stems strengthened

Oh, our beutiful hope

In the wake of that observation, mine experience even better, through a series of drapes, my feet carry me places, into His inner courts, my vine has served wine

I carry His fragrance

My hands are covered in a bouquet of fresh roses and lillies, white, pink and red

Was love under the universe's great lights