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How To Get 1million coins on Hamster Kombat instantly with the Daily Cypher


May 24, 2023
If the number of coins you're getting on Hamster monster, there is a quick way to get a million coins.
Foe the newbies, the hamster coins is one of the coins expected to rise in value just like notcoin did. Everyone knows people made lots of money on it.
If you haven't started, use this link to get started on telegram.

You need a telegram app for this.

Now to get a million shares, you can use the daily Cypher. This is a new feature introduced on the application where you guess secret codes correctly and win.

For the first day, the code was ETH
To get this, you need a certain tapping combinations. I will summarise them below.
E - tap once
T - Long press hold
H - tap four times

I'll be making this a thread instead of different posts.Screenshot_20240607-183903.png