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Her "Tickled Pink" Crown


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Dec 28, 2023
In confidence, you hang high on a strong grey bark, little inhabitants reside in your twigs and piths as a safety

You're the reward to the hands of your arborist and unaccustomed is the mind of the author of your basis. For a while you dressed up in green foliage, and as the forth cycle draws to a close I realize that you've gracefully covered your head with rose pink an extension of a honey-yellow gorgeoues smiley nectary

Bursting out of excitement you'll not tire from clapping your hands all day, to the harmonics of the wind. Shedding from daybreak to twilight is imminent, your painting presents a bridal impression, it stands out.

You have colored the streets, your hues passionately shout compassion evoking feelings of comfort,hope and purity. This leaves all life “in the pink”-rosy, a boldness that draws the city's attention to itself, showy.

You must like the climate across board, otherways your skills for a wide range of adaption are inspirational

Carry on, blow the trumpet, make a call and they will come who were lost and ready to perish to worship the King Himself, and His word with peace. Your family and all the trees of the forest will join the procession, exuberant with applause and looking towards a great event, they'll recognize that He who made the wind, created them both great and small; and that only by His breath, life is.

In His infinite love, hope so there will be no more dryness of rejoicing. There will be no injury to the herbage of the earth nor any green thing

So the winds will not hold back and neither the nimbus Leaves, blown towards east then west reckon and exclaim Holy are you Lord, what a wonder You are.

Indescribable is your love and concern for all