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Oct 19, 2022
There is a space between them. They sit in the park and it seems there is centuries that fence their perspectives and ears. The eyes of them cannot see farther than arms reach and the nose of them cannot sense the taste of speech each use individually for expressing the woes and the struggles of living on this ball. There was a moment when he thought he could pick up a leaf and show her the patterned geometry. A star like structure that would reflect his feelings inside as a star and a sparkle of life. He thought about her reaction and her joy in her eyes. She would glow with joy and see his expression turn into surprise as she enjoyed the sight of him and the gift for her in this little golden leaf ready for nothing but decomposing and sweet memories. He picked it up and ready to give it to her, she looked right through him and saw herself in her mind. She sees herself alone in a park with just a guy. He was self absorbed and not ready to take her into the life built for a woman in this life. She wanted to be a wife and a girl that could party and play all day and night with her husband or hubby she would say to her friends with pride. He was giving her a leaf and a ugly one at that. She fought back a tear and smiled when he said it was for her with a innocence in his eyes; she was not happy with this guy. 
Across the way, the main event, the park was filled with lights and water sprinkled as the guitars softly strummed and serenaded the people there. The people around enjoyed the sky, the grass, the food, and the music. But there was a space between them; chrome or plastic screens. The audience recorded every moment and swayed in unison. The music and experience together was phased into a unison of screens and artificial lighting in the eyes of the lost humanitarians. Where was our connection and peace with the air. How can we grow closer if we have to pretend to be engaged in a internet affair at every blink or every beep? Would we have to record the moments when we weep or when our coffee is empty? There is distance between people and it isn't of lands, oceans, or language. The distance is to live in a space where no space can occupy. Stop the thinking; digitizing or is that a new phrase for reverse being? 

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