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Beyond Reproach


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Dec 28, 2023
As one that belongs to the Lord,
He's cultivated himself an imitation of what is Godly
Pruning ensures that the trailer serves the occassion
To allow for soundproof from the noisy roads and neighbors; to cover the bed in fine linen
The colourful orchard is a position of rest, even for birds.
In here, energies are wisely directed, a prudent expansion leaves no room for courting neglect and idleness
Worthless fields are not an exception,its definite corruption, lest empty council or carelessness finds its nurturing

Mother nature attests to such a time as rejuvenation-o' clock, a time for fortification and taking instructions
Not one for contemplating quits
Before day break, food is ferried from afar, laid out and in due time the entire household will be brought to satisfication
An open hand is never short on what to give to the travelers
Bread of scorners and gossip will never be served on this table

In that secret place, is an assignment from above
To keep the lamps burning and give no space to fear, doubt, and distrust but safety
And true to form, new oil does not allow for defying of the royal summon, value and beauty ride on apprehension
The evaluation upholds kingdom interests more than anything else
Annoiting is girdled with goodness and discontement is addressed in clothings of pure purple linen where the law of kindness reigneth, a secure position
This is a crown of honor and glory upon that head on which it is placed

Even as a queen, King Xerxes remained her king
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