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  1. Netzach

    "My Heart" sings

    "My heart" sings It's this direct cognition of a grace that bears no regard for pedigree; will it not surpass natural apprehension? Upon a just invitation, I was carried by my feet into His dwelling, and as mist settles on a sleeping hill only to quietly leave in the later hours, that vanity...
  2. Netzach

    drenched in a "chastisement of love"

    It might seem as though you can't forgo should you go for a man, one could easily deduce that you're not God; laying all your vulnerability on the line just to lure one in, it's too good that you'll endure to show him the signs and wonders and yet, inhabitant of the earth, unashamedly uses that...
  3. Netzach

    Life's Halo

    Leonardo da Vinci on 'Mona Lisa', Michaelangelo on 'Pieta', Michael Jackson , Martha Argerich, Frank Gehry, Fredrick Law Olmsted, Coco Chanel Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, or Emily Dickinson... Bits of youself being alloted to each and so is the exhibition of your vivid awesomeness. For...
  4. Netzach

    Love looks good on you

    A transcriptionist, you make sense of the unuttered expressions of a spirit and soul, the groanings, you put it all on a scroll, and then archive By and by you retrieve these, you avenge and contend righteous judge, you laugh as you judge. Arise, chortle for none is left to glee at His...
  5. Netzach

    We are designed to respond to love

    We are designed to respond to love
  6. Netzach

    Who is your favourite musician?/

    Frank Edwards
  7. Netzach

    Haven- Heaven

    The feastivies are temporary, the comfort of the fort is interrupted, the avenger is hanged,his sons slain, there are no exceptions This watchtower stronger than a land dispute, at the moment,also, a den for wild animals, endlessly, joy for wild donkeys, a pasture for flocks "I abhor, reject...
  8. Netzach


    Ascendacy, control, seen and unseen, heaven and earth all in Him, for Him, moreover by His service and intervention An elementary unit of a thrilled electromagnetic field traveling at the speed of light in and out of time, in and outside space, the sizeable evidence A narrow focus on the...
  9. Netzach


    How does a total eclipse occur if the size of the sun is 400 times bigger than that of the moon!?
  10. Netzach

    Spectacular thoughts

    Even at a distance, I remain an open book to You That my petition be brought to your attention and my heart be ravished at one glance of your eyes Master, you'll not brush aside but rather regard my offering as gratifying to your sight. We'll not be found cursing the king lest the winged...
  11. Netzach

    The Voice of the Lord Symphonic, the Voice of the Lord Tympanic

    A treasure that renders power to the inhabitants of the white mountain-top, as though by His own Right hand All the mighty ones cry out Magnificent, cedars submit their robustness to the putting together of the temple, the cypress their branches and Olive trees their beauty. Desolation trembles...
  12. Netzach

    Beyond Reproach

    As one that belongs to the Lord, He's cultivated himself an imitation of what is Godly Pruning ensures that the trailer serves the occassion To allow for soundproof from the noisy roads and neighbors; to cover the bed in fine linen The colourful orchard is a position of rest, even for birds. In...
  13. Netzach

    Can science really interpret what ensued in Exodus 14:21

    The eastern wind!? How about the depression thereafter!? Did the Israelites use the sea bed!? Was it a land bridge!? Did the edges of the plates bridge up!?
  14. Netzach

    Swamp- the untold story

    Yours is rather a pityful story, oh marshes! You've been left to the company of frailty and frustration Sluggishness over shallowness was your sure damnation Fear, right!! the deep waters have never worked against you and yet you abandoned the fishes for the shrubs Time watched you...
  15. Netzach

    The Canopy

    A presence that commands all obeisance Stratum of fresh green leaves are all spread out one over the other with ample room for them all. an aura of mystery, moreover hushed The glorious landing All powerful on drawing mortals to Himself, the transfer of affection A fresh Wind, signs of heavy...
  16. Netzach

    The Dance of Breath, YHWH

    ...even so, IAM that impulse, the art of sound in time that expresses ideas and spans the whole emotional experience that same evidence of authorship in the piece of work of a pianist, the simple technical gestures that keep the arm and hand in sync IAM the sound waves whose vibrations give...
  17. Netzach

    I know what you did last night..

    Night- time rejoices upon its turn... The dead of the night waits in anticipation to commune with you Then, like the wind, the sound of your breath, your life giving breath is more tangible than can just be inhaled Silent night, a trail of fresh wet vapor, hovers over all the pastures...
  18. Netzach

    your Healing Art of Reflection & Perfection

    And there's one more member of the family, a peculiar one of the string family Unlike the four, mine are forty-seven strings each running at angle of the sound board giving off different frequencies and notes With his very fingers, tension is increased on my collection of frequencies as he...
  19. Netzach

    The Vindication

    On this very mountain top, the cheer of their loose metallic disks, will not go silent There, an outburst of animation Muzzles have forgotten their complaints and tickers their despair Lift up your eyes, a thrashing in the depth of serene mighty waters None of it escaped His piercing...
  20. Netzach

    Oriented divergently

    A wanderer, as registered by the simple. Sprouts upon sprouts, he is boundless- oblivious of limitations He propagates from the mainland to the island What defines his circumstances!? His sound is heard by all It goes without saying that he that observes the wind shall not sow All elements...